What We Do

When a law enforcement officer or a firefighter in Genesee, Shiawassee or Lapeer County dies in the line of duty, a representative from the Hundred Club delivers a $10,000 check to his/her dependents within 24 hours of the incident. This check is intended to ease the burden of immediate expenses.

At the convenience of the surviving family members, the evaluation committee meets with the surviving spouse a month or so later to determine what the immediate financial obligations are. Each case is appraised on its individual merits to assure the best possible disbursement of funds to ease the economic burden on the family and assist them in a new life.

The Hundred Club makes the final determination on whether a benefit should be paid and to whom it will be made.

It is made clear to the family that this assistance is not a "charitable hand-out". Rather, we are simply repaying a debt on behalf of the entire community. The Hundred Club is looking out for those who have given their lives while they were looking out for us.

Since the Hundred Club of Genesee, Shiawassee and Lapeer Counties was founded, nearly $200,000 has been given to assist surviving families. That private money has made a substantial difference in a variety of ways. In some cases, we have been able to help with mortgage payments until the family could get back on their feet. We've helped with college tuition.

The Club also makes available vocational and career counseling, and professional psychiatric assistance for any member of the deceased's family.

Each child receives a $500 U.S. Savings Bond every Christmas until their 18th birthday.

Through its members and various committees, the Hundred Club of Genesee, Shiawassee and Lapeer Counties stays in touch with the families of the deceased and offers further assistance when needed.

Disbursements 1975 - 2019

Distributions to Widows $173,700.00
Annual US Savings Bonds to Dependents $23,000.00
Educational Fund to Dependents $40,923.62
Contribution to Police Officer Disabled in the line of duty $4,149.96
Annual Heroism Awards $201,700.00
Grants Awarded for Safety Related Equipment for Genesee, Shiawasee and Lapeer Counties $1,396,053.11
Total:    $1,839,526.69

2019 Safety Grant Awards

Genesee County
Genesee County Sheriff - Ballistic Shield $2,399.00
Flushing Twp. Police Dept. - Ballistic Shield $2,000.00
City of Clio Police Dept. - Body Armor $4,000.00
Argentine Twp. Police Dept. - Body Armor $4,000.00
Linden Police Dept. - Bullet Proof Vests $2,532.00
Mott Community College - Flashlights with Chargers $2,400.00
Lennon Police Sept. - Kevlar Duty Vests $975.00
Genesee County Sheriff - LED Lights $680.75
Gaines Twp. Police Dept. - Maglite Flashlights with Chargers $779.70
Atlas Twp. Fire Dept. - Fire Jumpsuits $3,579.18
Flint Twp. Fire Dept. - Firefighting Gloves $2,250.00
City of Burton Fire Dept. - Firefighting Gloves $2,599.60
Davison-Richfield Fire Dept. - Flashlights $2,000.00
Mt. Morris Twp. Station 1 - Nomex Hoods $3,300.00
Mundy Twp. Fire Dept. - Nomex Hoods $2,650.00
City of Mt. Morris Fire Dept. - Protective Hoods $3,125.00
City of Grand Blanc Fire Dept. - Self Contained Breathing Apparatus $10,000.00
Forest Twp. Fire Dept. - Structural Firefighting Gloves $2,975.00
City of Flint Fire Dept. - Structural Firefighting Helmets $7,500.00
Genesee Twp. Fire Dept. - Thermal Imaging Cameras $8,950.00
Gaines Twp. Fire Dept. - Thermal Imaging Camera $1,400.00
Linden Fire Dept. - Thermal Imaging Camera $3,550.00
City of Flushing Police Dept. - Bullet Proof Vests $4,900.00
Shiawasee County
Owosso Police Dept. - Ballistic Vests $1,200.00
Owosso Fire Dept. - Fire Helmet $275.00
Shiawassee County Sheriff Dept. - Kevlar Duty Vests $975.00
Vernon Township Fire Dept. #2 - Nomex Hoods $500.00
Vernon Township Fire Dept. #1 - Nomex Hoods $800.00
Corunna Caledonia Fire Dept. - Nomex Hoods $1,452.50
Lapeer County
Imlay City Police Dept. - External Ballistic Vests Carriers $2,480.00
City of Lapeer Police Dept. - Gunshot Trauma Kits $1,000.00
Lapeer County Sheriff Dept. - LED Road Flare Kits $3,400.00
Total: $90,627.73