I just wanted to say "Thank You" again for putting in so much time and effort into the wonderful dinner and ceremony that took place last night. It is not often that those in the public service line of work get recognized for those unselfish and heroic acts that we find ourselves while on or off duty, and I am proud of the line of work that I chose and for being able to protect and serve the citizens of this great State of ours.

I wish I had the opportunity to shake everyone's hand that were involved in the dinner and ceremony last night, and I certainly appreciate all the of the hard work, time and financial contributions that each and every member of the Hundred Club of GSL has made in order to provide assistance to the police and fire agencies that need an extra hand for much needed safety and duty equipment, as well as for being able to recognize those of us who have been deemed and beyond the normal everyday shift work.

I am honored to have been in the presence of the members of such an organization that exists that provides assistance with needed equipment that helps us to come home to our family at the end of each shift, and, that also provides financial assistance to the families of those of us who, unfortunately, may never make it back safely to the end of their shift.

If you could please extend my heartfelt "Thank You" and "God Bless" to each and every member of your staff and administration and also to those who are members of the Hundred Club, who made last night so special to all of us in attendance who were honored, as well as, the beautiful commemorative watch which was presented to each of us. I greatly appreciate your time and assistance!

 - Deputy Charles J. Duffield Shiawassee County Sheriff's Office